How Do I Add Myself?

  • you don't have to log in to wikia in order to do this

June 28 2012 Changes

Since june 28, clipwire has changed the format of the links. Existing users please read the instructions about how to reupload the links using the new templates

Step 1

Enter your username in the following box and press the button

Step 2

  1. Publish the page

Step 3

  1. Click "edit" at the top of your page. Then, at the top right of the editor window, click the view source button
  2. Get links from your ingame Gift Shoppe > GiftMiddle
  3. Add your links after the "=" sign. leave the missing ones without anything after the "=" sign but don't delete them in case you'll want to add them later.
  4. if there's an item missing, add it by the name (ie. Item Name = Link) and leave me a message.
  5. if you're having any trouble, leave me a leave me a message.

Step 4

Add yourself to Template:Display Item
(edit the page and add yourself just like the others)
this is used to display a specific item from all users instead of all items from a single user.


  • I can't see the items I entered on my page when I publish
    • make sure you have a space before and after the equals sign or no spaces at all
  • I want to add a link but I can't find the item
    • not all items are there yet, and when we add new items to the Template:Item Page/Blank page, it doesn't get added to the user pages automatically, users who already have a page have to add it manually. Also reread Step 3.