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July 29th, 2012. Added timestamps functionality - now you can see the age of the links' last update. Please read the instructions. --FMF (talk) 14:33, July 29, 2012 (UTC)

June 28 Link Format ChangeEdit

Due to the change clipwire has made on june 28 to the format of the links, all old links have become useless. I have made new templates and instructions on how to update your items page. We are currently updating the links the ones that are displayed in the pages are working. --FMF 10:49, June 29, 2012 (UTC)

Neighbor LinksEdit

Neighbor Links

Help OthersEdit

Help WantedEdit

Help and hire others build buildings and hire greenhouse workers

Requested ItemsEdit

Here are the links of requested items. Please click on them! It doesn't cost anything and is a way to thank the people who are giving you resources.

Help YourselfEdit




Apple Tree Seeds 100
Carrot Seeds100
Cherry Tree Seeds100
Corn Seeds100
Cotton Seeds100
Hops Seeds100
Lemon Tree Seeds100
Peach Tree Seeds100
Pear Tree Seeds100
Pepper Seeds100
Potato Seeds100
Radish Seeds100
Tobacco Seeds100
Wheat Seeds 100

Settlement GearEdit

Arctic Gear
Amazon Gear

Expansion GearEdit

Orchard Expansion Links
Building Expansion Links (Barn, Greenhouse, Warehouse etc.)


Quest Items


Angled Hedge
Arched Hedge
Bird Cage
Bottom Angled Hedge
Clipwire Flag
Floor Lantern
Flower Bed
Flower Pot
Hay Bale
Hedge Sphere
Iron Fence
Lattice Fence
Northern Tepee
Pointed Hedge
Private Brown Fence
Private White Fence
Purple Arch
Ranch Gate
Red Wheelbarrow
Round Hedge
Top Angled Hedge
Valentine's Teddy
White Fence
White Lattice Fence
White Ranch Gate

Gift of the DayEdit

Prize Winning Hops
Prize Winning Pepper
Prize Winning Tobacco